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Re: Fix, GDL2, EOQualifier (getKey()): args

From: Tim McIntosh
Subject: Re: Fix, GDL2, EOQualifier (getKey()): args
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 00:30:16 -0500

On Apr 23, 2008, at 12:20 PM, David Ayers wrote:
Thanks for the summary!  Redefining the EOF API is not something that
lies in our power :-)

Ah, nevermind. I didn't realize that - qualifierWithQualifierFormat:varargList: was part of the public API but I see it now. I should know better than to trust the method summary sections in the EOF docs. ;)

But I'm wondering whether we can play some platform specific typedef
games in that file like:

#ifdef x86_64||ppc64
# Well the above should actually be an autoconf variable that simply
# test during configure which approach works better.
typedef va_list va_list_ref;
typedef va_list *va_list_ref;

... with some special preparation for the va_list * case in

It also seems like you could do a va_copy() in - qualifierWithQualifierFormat:varargList: and then just pass a pointer to the va_list copy to _qualifierWithArgs, assuming there is no performance impact to consider.


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