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[bug #24994] New target for make...

From: Riccardo mottola
Subject: [bug #24994] New target for make...
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2008 15:36:39 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #8, bug #24994 (project gnustep):

I welcome the ability to install either in the local or in the system domain,
since it will help packagers and users to maintain their systems. I am a bit
concerned about the default choices.

My thought is that all stuff provided by gnustep.org should go into System
and the rest into Local, but this is purely arbitrary. I imaging wanting
certain GAP applications, once completed, to go into System (Login, Installer,
NFS mounter for example).

In any case the choice should be quick and easy, for the developer who
recompiles often.

make sysinstall

sounds fine to me.

exporting the Domain in your shell config file doesn't sound a good ide ato
me, you could remove Local alltogether!

Although, as a personal preference, I'd left the default for make install and
woul dhave provided "make localinstall"

After all I'd imagine that the System domain should generally not be writable
to the standard user, while Local could be. ALthough the real "local" domain
would me the user's home.


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