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[bug #33392] Multi-thread bug in NSObject retain and release

From: Niels Grewe
Subject: [bug #33392] Multi-thread bug in NSObject retain and release
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 19:08:30 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #8, bug #33392 (project gnustep):

I just (r33134) added a check to base that performs the following checks
before enabling USE_ATOMIC_BUILTINS:

(a) Whether the compiler understands the Itanium style __sync_* intrinsics.
(b) Whether we are targeting an i586 or later processor (if so, we set the
-march=i568 flag).
(c) Whether we need to explicitly link the static libgcc.

I concur that doing something like (b) in gnustep-make is probably a good
idea, but I think we should have that check here as a stop-gap measure because
if you have a gcc version built for i686 (like my Ubuntu VM, for example), the
libgcc will have been compiled without any atomic ops stuff.

It would be nice if somebody could check whether the change has the desired
effect on an i486 machine.




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