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Re: Debian patches

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: Debian patches
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 17:16:04 +0100
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On 03/08/2010 04:49 PM, Reuben Thomas wrote:
I believe. Section 5 should also be deleted (though I don't know if
any useful material remains there).

Here is it:

Our main goal for grep 2.5.2 is to get sane performance with utf-8.
That can be achieved by the patches written by Tim Waugh for Red Hat.

Not done, but I have patches that should replace it. If distros have testcases that are fixed by egf-speedup.patch they should submit them. I checked what I could find from RH bugzilla and Savannah bug reports, and my patches are usually the same or better.

1) rewrite the configure.in script, perhaps also Makefile.am
2) set up for gnulib-tool --import


3) improve the test ifrastructure

Note quite what Stepan mentioned, but there were changes done.

4) check in the patches for the sync of dfa.c with GNU awk

Jim is doing it.

5) other small patches which wait for a test case

I haven't gone through the Savannah patches yet, but I did go through the Savannah bug multiple times and got some patches from there.

6) process the RedHat patches

Done. The mergeable ones are merged, the others are waiting for Jim to finish his sync.

Missing Debian patches are 55-bigfile.patch, 69-mbtowc.patch and 70-man_apostrophe.patch.

7) some _minimal_ cleanup of the grep(), grepdir(), recursion
   (the "main loop") and fix --directories=read

Planned by Jim.

 * -i -o
 * --colour -i

Patch posted by me (I have a fixed version queued).

 * -o -b
 * -o and zero-width matches

Seems to work.

 - upgrade to current regex.c from glibc,
 - fixes for -P,


 - new functionality,

I guess we have enough bug reports already before introducing new functionality (except possibly the PCRE dynamic linking).


So, what's left is:

- go through the Savannah patches

- merge the three remaining Debian patches

- "POSIX and --ignore-case"/"Unicode and --ignore-case" issues still hold, especially now that we have a patch that makes -i work.

- look at spencer2.tests

- look at multithreading

I applied your patch and added the attached on top.


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