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Re: results after import of dfa into gawk

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: results after import of dfa into gawk
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 09:53:17 +0100

Aharon Robbins wrote:
>> > +#ifndef VMS
>> >  #include <sys/types.h>
>> > +#else
>> >  #include <stddef.h>
>> > +#endif
>> Both sys/types.h and stddef.h are guaranteed to be available
>> and usable for grep, since it uses gnulib, so we might as well
>> include them unconditionally.
>> Besides, I suspect no one uses VMS anymore.
> Not so.  I have people using VMS.  I would really like to continue
> to be able to support them.

You are welcome to keep those #ifdefs in gawk, if you like.
They are unwelcome in grep, and any gnulib-using package I maintain.

>> >  #include <stdlib.h>
>> >  #include <limits.h>
>> >  #include <string.h>
>> > -#include <locale.h>
>> > +# include <locale.h>
>> > +#endif
>> Likewise.
> Here too for VMS, as well as for non-cygwin Windows.

Consider your having to retain such #ifdef-adding patches for gawk
as incentive to upgrade to gnulib.

>> > +#ifndef DEBUG     /* use the same approach as regex.c */
>> > +#undef assert
>> > +#define assert(e)
>> > +#endif /* DEBUG */
>> There is only one assertion, and it's trivial,
>> so I prefer to leave it enabled and to omit those lines.
>> Compile with NDEBUG if you want to turn off that sole assertion.
> I'll pull that out.
> The main issues are the above two; can we meet in the middle?

There are going to be more gnulib-related changes to dfa.c.
Much of that code is suffering from its age.

(re?)Consider my offer to help you move gawk to git and gnulib.

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