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Re: [patch #7134] Patch for is_mb_middle in searchutil.c

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: [patch #7134] Patch for is_mb_middle in searchutil.c
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 08:04:55 +0200

Jim Meyering wrote:
>>> I seem is_mb_middle has two bugs.
>>> This patch (merged) will be corrected both their bugs.
>>> 1. fgrep (2.6.1) hangs on a pattern with invalid sequence.
>>> ==> See attachment `fgrep-hang'.
>>> 2. A complete multibyte string matches with incomplate
>>> multibyte pattern with truncated octet character in fgrep (2.6.1).
>>> ==> See attachment `truncated-character.
>> Thank you for the patch and test cases!
>> I've adjusted your test scripts slightly, hooked them
>> up via tests/Makefile.am and added most of the commit logs.
>> I confirm that each test exercises a bug that is fixed by the patch.
>> I'll study your patch over the weekend.
>> Hmm... or maybe not.  Continue reading...
> I could not risk studying your patch (don't want to have to wait for
> the copyright assignment process), so wrote my own.  Since I've had to
> modify the test case (with your patch, grep printed the line, with mine
> it does not), I gather that our solutions are fundamentally different.

I suspect that our solutions are not so different after all.
It's merely that I changed an early version of your test
not to use "-v" anymore, and then forgot I'd done that.

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