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Postscript Level 1 Support is gone?

From: David Ronis
Subject: Postscript Level 1 Support is gone?
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:46:24 -0400

I'm not sure this is a problem with groff [I'm using version 1.18 on a
i686-linux-gnu box].  In any event, I usually upgrade whenever a new
release comes out.  Unfortunately, I only have a postscript level-1
printer (an old NEC) and last night couldn't print.  I finally had to
use gs to convert the output to level-1 using the -dLanguageLevel=1

1.  Has level-1 postscript support been removed?  If so, with which release?

2.  Is it easy to put back?

Thanks in advance.  


P.S., I don't subscribe to the list, and would appreciate a CC of any

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