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San Diego Demographic Analysis Workshops (August 7th & 8th)

From: Gina Clemmer
Subject: San Diego Demographic Analysis Workshops (August 7th & 8th)
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 00:34:58 -0700

San Diego Demographic Analysis Workshop Announcement

The Local Demographic Analysis Workshop (LDAW)™ was developed for human service providers, neighborhood activists, grant writers, planners or anyone who would like to easily look up and analyze basic demographic characteristics of a target population, neighborhood or city. Participants will learn to extract, query, download, analyze and present 2000 Census of Population and Housing, 2001 Census Supplemental Survey and American Community Survey data.

The content and exercises are customized for the city in which the workshop is taught. However, all techniques and methodologies are directly transferable to any other geography. Workshops are offered in most metropolitan cities including NYC, DC, Chicago, Boston and Seattle.

When:   August 7th or 8th (one day workshop)
Where:  10180 Telesis Court, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92121
Fee:      $225 for credit card at the time of sign up, $249 regular price
How To Register: Visit
www.smartgirltechnologies.com or call us toll free at 877-241-6576


This is a basic, technical workshop that will teach you how to access, analyze, and present 2000/1990 Census (short and long form), 2001 American Community Survey (ACS) and 2001 Census Supplemental data. Participants will:

• Learn the most efficient process to extract, query, download and manipulate data from the American Factfinder website;

• Construct a Local Community Change Profile™ for the city and Census tract within that city. The Profile is comprised of 20 key demographic variables and five bonus questions;

• Learn analytical, demographic analysis techniques including commonly used mathematical formulas to transform raw data into compelling information and things you should know so as not be a dangerous analyst;

•Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the Census, ACS and Census Supplemental Surveys;

• Learn about the wide variety of variables available focusing on race and ethnicity, poverty, income, nationality, age, housing and population analysis;

• About Census geography including:

-What to do when your target area boundaries don't fit Census boundaries;
-Figuring out if your tract boundaries have changed between 1990 and 2000 and if so, what to do about it;
-Demonstration of ArcExplorer, a free map browser produced by ESRI;

• Learn some techniques to present data in clear, compelling ways in terms of tabular and graphical data.


Each participant will receive:

• An extensive work book with a copy of the LDAW™ presentation,

• Demographic Data Resource CD™ that includes:

» ArcExplorer, a free map browser produced by ESRI

» Computerized map files (shapefiles) that can be read by ArcExplorer that include:

-Census tracts (2000 & 1990) for all US counties
-County boundaries for all US counties
-City boundaries for all US cities
-Water boundaries for all US areas
-School District boundaries for all US counties

» Receive Information Activist™, a free quarterly e-letter highlighting new data rich websites and interesting social research

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Former Participants' Comments:

King County, Washington, Public Health Department, Seattle, WA 2003
"The workshop was absolutely fantastic. It was full of very useful information presented in a completely user-friendly way.  The instructor was wonderful. Thank you very much."

Special Care Services, Dallas,TX 2003
"This workshop really demystified the Census website and I will be using this information for years to come."

Action for Boston Community Development, Boston, MA 2002
"The materials were excellent and what I liked best about the course was that it was hands on.  The class was very helpful and useful."

NYU Institute for Education and Social Policy, NYC 2003
"This workshop presented a clear and precise overview. It was very useful."

Smartgirl Technologies, the creator of the original "Local Demographic Analysis Workshop"  is a social research company located in Portland, Oregon.  For more information about the workshop, who we are and what we do, check out our website at www.smartgirltechnologies.com.
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