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University of Washington, Graduate Admissions

From: intlgrad
Subject: University of Washington, Graduate Admissions
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 20:27:54 -0700

Thank you for your interest in graduate study at the University of
Washington. In order to help us to expedite your request for information,
please read the following message carefully.  Although this automated
reply is long, it includes answers to many of your questions. Graduate
admission information and requirements for international applicants are
also located on our web site at:


Later in this message (Section 2) you will have the opportunity to
participate in a Preliminary Evaluation Process (PEP). This is meant to
help you determine whether or not you should apply for consideration as a
graduate student at the University of Washington.  We welcome
international applicants but this is a very expensive and time-consuming
process for you and this PEP will aid you in making a good decision.

You may also complete the PEP by accessing the Web page above.   

NOTE: Please do not use your email program "reply" function to reply to
this message. Instead use the email addresses provided below.

Thank you for your help in managing our email inquiries.

Joan Abe, Director
Office of Graduate Admissions
301 Loew Hall Box 352191
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195-2191
(206) 543-5929
FAX (206) 543-8798

1. General Information: Definition of International Applicant, Prior
Degree Requirements, Required Tests, Minimum Grade-Point-Average,
Statement of Financial Ability, Graduate Degree Programs, When to Apply,
Application Fee

2. Preliminary Evaluation Process (PEP)

3. How to Apply

4. List of Required Degrees from Other Countries

5. List of Graduate Programs and Associated Email Addresses for departments

1.1. An international applicant:

*Is NOT a U.S. citizen, Permanent Resident or Immigrant
*WILL require a visa of any type to enter the U.S.

1.2. Prior Degree Requirements

The evaluation of a foreign degree is based on the following: the national
system of education in the foreign country, type of institution attended,
field of study and level of studies completed.  At the University of
Washington, you must have at least a four-year degree equivalent to an
U.S. bachelor's degree from an institution of recognized standing to apply
for admission to graduate school. Note that policies at other
institutions may be different.  Please determine whether you are qualified to 
apply by checking the List of Required Degrees from Other Countries.

1.3. Required Tests

1.3.1. Graduate Record Examination 

The Graduate School requires submission of the general (GRE) scores except for 
the programs listed below. Departments may also request an additional
subject score report or alternative form of measurement.

 * If you are applying for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Art, Dance or Drama; 
a Master of Music (MM) or Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in Music; or a Doctor of 
Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration. 

 * If you have earned a doctoral level degree from an accredited institution in 
the United States.

 * Degrees offered by the Graduate School of Business Administration require 
scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).  Check departmental 
information for specific requirements.

1.3.2 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of Spoken English 

A satisfactory command of the English language is required for admission to the 
University of Washington Graduate School.  International applicants, including 
transfers, who are not citizens of the United States on the date of admission, 
and whose native language is other than English,
must meet the following terms and conditions:

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required except from 
citizens of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or the United Kingdom. 
Non-United States citizens who have received a bachelor's degree or
higher from a U.S. institution or from institutions in the countries listed 
above are also exempt from the TOEFL requirement.  Test scores must be ordered 
within two years of the test date and no waivers of this English competency 
requirement may be given.  The minimum score required for consideration is 500 
(173 TOEFLC).  Applicants admitted with
scores between 500 and 580 (237) must complete an ESL requirement.  **It is 
very important to note that some graduate programs may require a higher
minimum score.**

If you intend to apply for a teaching assistantship, you must also take
the TSE unless you are a citizen of the one of countries listed above.  A
degree from the U.S. or from one of these countries DOES NOT exempt you
from this requirement.

1.4. Minimum Grade Point Average

In most cases the Graduate School requires a minimum grade-point-average
(GPA) for admission of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.  However, the graduate program
in which you are interested may have a different standard.

1.5. Statement of Financial Ability

The University of Washington requires official certification of adequate
financial support from each international applicant. Upon receipt of an
application, application fee and official transcripts, ALL international
applicants will be sent a University of Washington Statement of Financial
Ability form.  The total cost for each year of study is $35,885 in U.S.
funds.  A number of graduate programs are unable to offer ANY funding to
first year students and you may need to provide all or a portion of these
funds personally.

If an applicant is recommended for graduate admission, this financial
information is necessary in order to receive the Certificate of
Eligibility (I-20 or IAP-66) form.  The student visa application form will
be sent after ALL final procedural requests have been completed.

1.6. Additional Specific Graduate Degree Program Requirements

Some graduate degree programs have specific requirements for international
applicants in addition to those for admission to the Graduate School.  
Please make sure to inquire about such requirements when you ask for
information from a department and also to inform them that you have
already received the information in the "intlgrad autoreply". Detailed
information about graduate programs at the University of Washington is
available on the Web at
http://www.grad.washington.edu/admissions/viewchoice.html or you may send
a message to the program using the email addresses provided below.

1.7. When to Apply: 

**Due to the time required for processing, international applicants
applying for Summer or Autumn Quarter are strongly encouraged to submit
the application materials to the Office of Graduate Admissions prior to
November 1.  Applications received after this date will be processed as
soon as possible, but significant delays may result.**

If you are interested in applying for Winter (January) or Spring (March)
Quarters, you should contact the graduate program directly.  However, many
departments do not offer admission or financial support to new students
for these quarters.

**Please read departmental instructions carefully to determine the
departmental deadline for submitting the graduate application.  
Departmental deadlines are frequently much earlier and supersede the
Graduate School admissions deadlines.**

1.8. Application Fee

The non-refundable application-processing fee is $50.00 for each
application submitted.  You must submit an application and fee for each
graduate program to which you are applying, with the exception of the
established Concurrent Degree programs.  The fee must accompany the
application and is payable by check or money order in United States
currency to the University of Washington.  This application fee cannot be 
waived or postponed and applications will not be
processed without the fee.

**Please note that if you apply interactively on the Web, the fee is $45
payable by MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card.

1.9 Further Assistance

Please read this ENTIRE message before requesting further assistance.

If you cannot find a degree program in your field of interest from the
list of graduate programs, it may not be offered at the
University of Washington or it may be a sub-field in a related department.  If 
you have reason to believe that
such a program is offered, you may contact the Office of Graduate
Admissions by telephone at (206) 543-5929 or send your inquiry to
address@hidden  Be sure to include your full name and
mailing address.

Thank you for your help in managing our email inquiries.  


Your answers to the following 4 questions, will help you to decide whether or 
not to pursue graduate study at the University
of Washington.  We welcome and value international students who choose to
study here and hope that you decide that it is worth your considerable
time and expense to submit an application.

2.1. Do you now, or will you by the time you begin your graduate studies,
have the equivalent of at least a 4 year U.S. bachelor's degree?  (See
Section 5 on Required Degrees from Other Countries in this message.)

2.2 Have you taken or do you plan to take the required tests? (GRE, TOEFL,

2.3. If you have taken these tests, do your scores meet the minimum

2.4. If your program does not offer funding, do you have other sources to
provide the necessary $35,885 (US)?

If you have decided to continue and apply to the University of Washington,
you may obtain application materials directly from the department(s) of
interest.  (See Section 3 "How to Apply")  When requesting application
materials from the department, it is VERY IMPORTANT to indicate the

* That you are an international applicant and ask for the application form
entitled "International Application for Admission to Graduate School."  *
That you have completed the Preliminary Evaluation Process. * That you are
unable to use the Web application process.


International applicants must first consult the information in the PEP
before obtaining application materials (section 2).  Qualified
international applicants must complete the graduate application designed
specifically for international students, entitled: International
Application for Admission to Graduate School.

Should you then determine that you are eligible to continue the
application process, you have 3 options for applying:

3.1. Online Web application

The application fee must be paid by Visa or MasterCard credit or debit
card and is discounted to $45.00.  You must use Netscape or Internet
Explorer, version 4 or greater.  The secure online application is on the
Web at:


3.2. Downloadable/printable forms.

These forms are in Adobe Acrobat format and require the Acrobat Reader
version 3.02 or greater.  They are on the Web at:

Before using either of the two options above, be sure to visit the
departmental Web pages for important information.  Detailed information
about graduate programs at the University of Washington is available on
the Web at http://www.grad.washington.edu/admissions/viewchoice.html or
you may send a message to the program using the email addresses provided

3.3. Request that a printed paper copy of the application materials be mailed 
to you.

You must contact your department of interest directly to obtain printed paper 
copies of application materials. Contact information is available at the end of 
this message.       
When doing so, please provide ONLY the following information in plain

 - Your complete name
 - Your full mailing address
 - Your status as an international applicant
 - The fact that you have already completed the PEP process.
 - The fact that you are unable to apply using the Web.

**Do not send such a request to the uwgrad2 email address.**


The following guidelines indicate the level of study expected of
applicants prior to graduate enrollment at the University of Washington.

4.1 Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degrees requiring at least four-years
of university study, full time-study with a minimum of First Class or
Second Class or Honours. Holders of bachelor’s degrees whose programs
represent three years of study are not eligible for graduate admission.

4.2 Baltic Republics and East Europe States and Former Soviet Republics

Minimum qualifications: Diplom or Diploma, Inzenyr or Magister

4.3 Bangladesh, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degrees requiring at least four years
of university study, B.Engr.; B.Sc. (in Engineering); B.Arch.; B.Tech.; or
a master’s degree in other fields. Do not apply unless you have completed
or will complete one of these degrees.

4.4 Central and Latin America, Mexico, Portugal, Spain

Minimum qualifications: Licenciado, Mexican Licenciatura (four year
program) or Titulo/professional title or degree. Mexico: Egresado Pasante
status is not acceptable for graduate admission.

4.5 Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden

Minimum qualifications: Candidatus, Kandidaatti, Diplomokonom (four
years-full time), Sivilokonom (four years), Sivilingenjor, Doctorandus
(drs), Ingenieur (ir), requiring four years of university coursework or
Filosofie Kandidaatii.

4.6 France or French patterned systems

Minimum qualifications: Diplom, Maitrise or title of Ingenieur. Holders of
the Licence degree from France are not eligible for graduate admission.

4.7 Germany

Minimum qualifications: University-Diplom or Magister Artium (eight
semesters), Diplom (FH) Fachhochschule (eight semesters), in addition,
must submit certificate (zeugnis) of completion of the Abitur,
Staatsexamen - erste Juristische Staatsprufung - first state law
examination, (at least seven semesters).

Holders of the Vordiplom or Zwischenprufung are not eligible for graduate

4.8 Indonesia

Minimum qualifications: Sarjana strata satu (S1), Sarjana hukum, Sarjana
Teknik (four years).

4.9 Japan

Minimum qualifications: Holders of bachelor’s degree requiring four years
of university study.

4.10 Korea

Minimum qualifications: Holders of bachelor’s degree requiring four years
of university study.

4.11 People’s Republic of China

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree requiring at least four years of
university study. Holders of bachelor’s degrees awarded in 1982 or later
may be considered for graduate admission.

4.12 Taiwan

Minimum qualifications: Holders of bachelor’s degree requiring four years
of university study.

4.13 United Kingdom and British patterned systems

Minimum qualifications: Honours bachelor’s degree with a minimum of First
Class or Second Class Division. Holders of a three-year university
bachelor’s degree (full-time) from England may be considered for graduate
admission, in addition, submitting the certificate of completion of GCE-A
level. Holders of only the Higher National Diploma or Certificate (HND or
HNC) are not eligible for graduate admission.

taught on the Seattle Campus of the University of Washington unless otherwise 

Accounting, address@hidden 
Aeronautics and Astronautics, address@hidden 
Anthropology, address@hidden
Applied Mathematics, address@hidden 
Architecture, address@hidden 
Art History, address@hidden 
Art, address@hidden 
Asian Languages & Literature, address@hidden 
Astronomy, address@hidden 
Atmospheric Sciences, address@hidden 
Biochemistry, address@hidden 
Bioengineering, address@hidden
Biology Teaching, address@hidden 
Biomedical & Health Infomatics, address@hidden
Biomolecular Structure & Design, address@hidden 
Biostatistics, address@hidden 
Botany, address@hidden 
Business Administration, Bothell Campus, address@hidden
Business Administration, Seattle, address@hidden 
Business Administration, Tacoma Campus, address@hidden
Business Administration -- PhD, address@hidden 
Chemical Engineering, address@hidden 
Chemistry, address@hidden 
Civil and Environmental Engineering, address@hidden 
Classics, address@hidden
Communications, address@hidden 
Comparative Literature, address@hidden 
Comparative Medicine, address@hidden
Computer Science and Engineering, address@hidden
Computer Science and Engineering Evening Professional Master's Program, 
Construction Management, address@hidden 
Dance, address@hidden 
Dentistry -- Endodontics, address@hidden 
Dentistry -- Oral Medicine, address@hidden 
Dentistry -- Orthodontics, address@hidden 
Dentistry -- Pediatric Dentistry, address@hidden 
Dentistry -- Periodontics, address@hidden
Dentistry -- Prosthodontics, address@hidden 
Drama, address@hidden
Earth & Space Sciences, address@hidden
Economics, address@hidden 
Education, Bothell Campus, address@hidden
Education, Seattle Campus, address@hidden
Education, Tacoma Campus, address@hidden
Electrical Engineering, address@hidden 
Engineering -- Interengineering Graduate Studies, address@hidden 
Engineering -- Manufacturing Engineering EDGE, address@hidden 
Engineering -- EDGE Office -- MS, address@hidden 
English, address@hidden 
Environmental Health, address@hidden 
Epidemiology -- General Track, address@hidden 
Epidemiology -- International Health Program, address@hidden
Epidemiology -- Maternal and Child Health, address@hidden 
Fisheries (Aquatic Sciences and), address@hidden
Forest Resources, College of, address@hidden
French & Italian Studies, address@hidden  
Genetics, address@hidden 
Geography, address@hidden
Geological Sciences, address@hidden 
Geophysics, address@hidden 
Germanics, Language and Literature, address@hidden 
Health Services Administration, Evening MHA Degree, address@hidden 
Health Services Administration, In Residence (Day) Program, address@hidden 
Health Services -- Community Medicine, address@hidden 
Health Services -- Extended MPH Degree Program, address@hidden 
Health Services -- Maternal & Child Health Program, address@hidden 
Health Services -- Social and Behavioral Sciences, address@hidden 
History, address@hidden 
Immunology, address@hidden 
Industrial Engineering, address@hidden
Information School, address@hidden
International Studies - China Studies, address@hidden 
International Studies - Comparative Religion, address@hidden 
International Studies - Japan Studies, address@hidden 
International Studies - Korea Studies, address@hidden 
International Studies - Middle East Studies, address@hidden 
International Studies - Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, 
International Studies - South Asian Studies, address@hidden 
International Studies, Jackson School (Multiple Programs), address@hidden 
Laboratory Medicine, address@hidden 
Landscape Architecture, address@hidden 
Law -- Asian and Comparative, address@hidden 
Law -- International Environmental Law, address@hidden 
Law -- Law and Marine Affairs, address@hidden 
Law -- Law of International Sustainable Development, address@hidden 
Library and Information Science, address@hidden@u.washington.edu 
Linguistics, address@hidden 
Marine Affairs, address@hidden 
Materials Science & Engineering, address@hidden 
Mathematics, address@hidden 
Mechanical Engineering, address@hidden
Medical Engineering, address@hidden 
Medical History & Ethics, address@hidden 
Medicinal Chemistry, address@hidden
Microbiology, address@hidden 
Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, address@hidden 
Molecular Biotechnology, address@hidden 
Museology, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in, address@hidden 
Music, address@hidden 
Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Interdisciplinary PhD Program, address@hidden 
Near Eastern Languages & Civilization, address@hidden 
Neurobiology & Behavior, address@hidden 
Nursing, Bothell Campus, address@hidden 
Nursing, Seattle Campus, address@hidden
Nursing, Tacoma Campus, address@hidden
Nutritional Sciences, address@hidden
Oceanography, address@hidden 
Oral Biology, address@hidden 
Pathobiology, address@hidden 
Pathology, address@hidden 
Pharmaceutics, address@hidden 
Pharmacology, PhD only, address@hidden 
Pharmacy -- Pharmaceutical Outcomes, address@hidden 
Philosophy, address@hidden 
Physics, address@hidden 
Physiology & Biophysics, address@hidden
Policy Studies/Bothell Campus, address@hidden
Political Science, address@hidden 
Psychology, address@hidden
Public Action, Foundations in, Tacoma Campus, address@hidden 
Public Affairs, address@hidden
Public Health Genetics Program, address@hidden
Public Health Nutrition Program, address@hidden 
Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management (QERM), address@hidden
Rehabilitation Medicine -- Division of Physical Therapy, address@hidden 
Rehabilitation Medicine -- Occupational Therapy -- MOT, address@hidden 
Rehabilitation Medicine -- Occupational Therapy -- MS, address@hidden 
Scandinavian Studies, address@hidden
Slavic Languages and Literatures, address@hidden 
Social Work, address@hidden 
Social Work - Tacoma Campus, address@hidden 
Sociology, address@hidden 
Spanish & Portuguese Studies, address@hidden 
Special Individual Ph.D., address@hidden 
Speech and Hearing Sciences, address@hidden 
Speech Communication, address@hidden
Statistics, address@hidden 
Tacoma Campus -- Education, address@hidden 
Tacoma Campus -- Nursing -- Master of Nursing, address@hidden 
Tacoma Campus -- Special Education, address@hidden 
Technical Communication, address@hidden
Urban Design and Planning -- Interdisciplinary Ph.D., address@hidden 
Urban Design and Planning, Master of, address@hidden 
Women Studies, address@hidden 
Zoology, address@hidden

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