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Bug in groff-1.19.2

From: David Ronis
Subject: Bug in groff-1.19.2
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 17:45:07 -0500

I've been using groff for years (and still prefer it to LaTeX).  I'm
running on a Slackware Linux box.  In any event, one of the things I use
groff for is to convert various documents into html for my course sites.
The documents were designed to produce postscript, and this always works
as I expect.  Ususally this works fine, but sometimes it fails, for
reasons that I can't figure out.  I've attached a document that
generates postscript properly, specfically by using:

groff -ms -e -t groff.bug.doc > foo.ps

but fails when I try to make html:

groff -e -t -ms -Thtml groff.bug.doc > groff.bug.html
./groff.bug.doc:316: division by zero
./groff.bug.doc:325: fatal error: input stack limit exceeded (probable
infinite loop)

Among other things, there aren't 325 lines in the document.  Any


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