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mm macros -- infinite loop with certain page lengths

From: John Rupley
Subject: mm macros -- infinite loop with certain page lengths
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 00:52:01 -0700

.\" $Id: m.tmac,v 2.24 2004/03/10 06:11:26 wlemb Exp $

With mm default setup, get "input stack limit exceeded" upon page break for range of page lengths:
        .pl 10.2i to .pl 10.6i

[.pl 10.5i is for executive paper, which I use].

If format same text without mm macros (straight troff), there is no problem.

The description of the VM command in the groff_mm man page suggests you have met this problem already -- shrinking of the page footer size gives "input stack limit exceeded" behavior for the default page length, .pl 11.0i.

The attached file shows the above behaviour when run through the troff formatter.

Thank you,

Best wishes,

John Rupley

Attachment: test-bp-inf-loop.mm
Description: Binary data

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