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Re: Extra line injected in output

From: Michael(tm) Smith
Subject: Re: Extra line injected in output
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 09:35:52 +0900
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Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden>, 2008-03-02 22:29 +0100:

> BTW, the reason for the additional blank line is that exactly at that
> place a page transition has happened, and `.spĀ -1' can't move up to
> the previous page and is ignored consequently.

Thanks -- I didn't know about page transitions at all. The groff
info doc mentions "page transition" only once. I didn't realize
that any kind of paging behavior was going on in groff man output
for TTY.

Is there any way that I can completely suppress page transitions
in TTY output for a particular man file?

Or is there instead a safe way that I can, when I need to, do
negative vertical page movements even over a page transition?

As far as this particular case, the .sp hack was there just
because I wanted to move back up over the extra blank line of
vertical space caused by the .IP macro. (I hadn't considered that
case of what that would do (or not do) after a page transition
because I didn't know about page transitions.)

Anyway, I've fixed this particular case by having my stylesheet
output it as the following instead -- which avoids the need to try
to adjust the vertical spacing.

  .SH "Authors"
  \fBJason Gunthorpe\fR
  .RS 4
  \fBAPT team\fR
  .RS 4

Is the above an acceptable way to mark it up?


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