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Re: Help autobooting FreeBSD 4.2

From: Goran Koruga
Subject: Re: Help autobooting FreeBSD 4.2
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 08:11:22 +0100
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On Wed, Jan 10 2001, GB/DEV - Doug Poland wrote:


> Hi everyone,
> I searched the mail archives but could not find an 
> answer.  My FreeBSD 4.2 box won't boot correctly 
> because my BIOS is not passing the boot device
> in the register that boot1.s is expecting.  (Gateway 
> 2000 GP6-266). 

I had the same problem with my HP Vectra. Use 'd' option in install command,
as follows :

install stage1_location d destination_device stage2_location 0x8000 p

Note that this is just an example, you may need other options or you may
want to discard some of these (in particular 0x8000 and p are usually not
needed I think). Consult documentation for more info. There's even a section
about BIOS-es with such problem in user reference manual (under the install


> I installed the latest grub from the FreeBSD package
> and create a grub boot floppy.  Now I want to either
> have the system boot automatically from the HD or
> from the floppy.
> As I was following the info page instructions for HD
> install, I wasn't sure if I should install into the
> MBR or the boot sector.  I created the HD with the
> "dangerously dedicated" option.  Also, I want it 
> to boot using the kernel /boot/loader option for
> FreeBSD.
> If someone has experience doing this and can give
> me a quick "how-to", I'd appreciate it.  I'm in a
> time crunch on this box and have about two days 
> before it goes from testing to production.
> Regards,
> Doug 
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