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Re: Silly question about `printf'

From: Gordon Matzigkeit
Subject: Re: Silly question about `printf'
Date: 20 Jan 2001 21:00:09 -0600
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>>>>> Thierry Laronde writes:

 TL> The `printf' function is not part of the core C, but part of the
 TL> standard libraries, which are OS dependent. Thus, stage2 could
 TL> not use it, unless this is redefined somewhere.

In stage2/shared.h:

#define printf grub_printf

and grub_printf is defined in stage2/char_io.c

 TL> But if I have found the definition of `printf' in kernel.c, I was
 TL> unable to find where `printf' was defined for stage2 (unless I
 TL> have missed some define or else which do include it only for the
 TL> grub shell under Unix).

The same grub_printf function is used both by the Grub shell and the

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