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Re: CDROM support (was: Re: TR: VFAT, NTFS, PE executable support)

From: Stefan Ondrejicka
Subject: Re: CDROM support (was: Re: TR: VFAT, NTFS, PE executable support)
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:38:34 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Carel Fellinger wrote:


> But I found this other GPL-ed project (Smart Boot Manager or btmgr,
> see <http://www.gnuchina.org/~suzhe>).  It too has support for booting
> from CD, and low and behold it works on two out of three here:)
> Helas, I've problems integrating it into GRUB myself and the author
> is willing to do it iff he finds the time.
> I thought that simply loading that code chain-booting would work,
> but I get an error like "unknown exe format".  So what's the proper
> way of chain-loading a program from /boot/grub and how to compile
> and link such a pragram?

If you are interested, I have jus got it work few months ago. The
attached patch is again grub-0.5.96. 

I have also disable few things in btmgr to get it working from file
instead of from floppy or disk, also I have disabled showing of partitions
in the bootmanager menu, so it shows now only whole disks, cdroms and
floppies. And another thing which I had to disable was saving of config,
because it overwrites it directly in the location where btmgr was
installed and it want work when it is installed in file. And also there is
few problems to install the btmgr to file, because the instalation program
does only installation to disk or floppy. But when you will do install to
floppy, you can grab few blocks from floppy with dd to file and it will
work I think. I have used other tricks by modifying the install program.
If you will be able to install it to file, tell me, and I will send you my
btmgr file. The second attached patch is patch for btmgr-3.6-2 to disable
things mentioned above.

Good luck with getting it working!

Best regards,

Stefan Ondrejicka <address@hidden>
Beethovenova 11, 917 08 Trnava, Slovakia

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