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Re: Linux Mandrake 7.2 - GRUB question

From: Christoph Plattner
Subject: Re: Linux Mandrake 7.2 - GRUB question
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:37:51 +0100

You will not imagine, but these changes are very simple.
You have simply to edit the `/boot/grub/menu.lst' file.
In the first lines you find the entry `default' and `timeout'.
Timeout sets the time you have to select, and `default' sets
the entry of the menu, which should be loaded by default,
where the first entry (starting with `title .....') has the 
number `0', the next `1', etc.
The `fallback' can be set up to load an other entry, if the 
default entry fails.

You have nothing to do after editing the file (no command to
call etc...). On the next reboot, you see, that the changes 
have their effects.

        Christoph P.

private:        address@hidden
company:        address@hidden

Doug Brower wrote:
> I am a complete newbie to GRUB, so please bear with me.  I purchased Linux
> Mandrake 7.2 recently.  After re-partitioning my disk, and installing
> Windows 98 on one of the partitions, I installed Linux.  All was fine (and
> still is, but...) I would like GRUB to default to Windows, not Linux.  Also,
> I would like to change the total seconds you have to make a choice.  5
> seconds seems awful quick.  I can't seem to find any user-friendly advice on
> how to do either of these tasks.  Any help on how to make these changes
> would be greatly appreciated!
> Doug
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