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Re: [Etherboot-developers] More analysis to the old problem with etherb

From: Marty Connor
Subject: Re: [Etherboot-developers] More analysis to the old problem with etherboot+GRUB (diskless/disk)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:08:00 -0500

On 2/22/2001 6:00 AM Christoph Plattner address@hidden 
>Is there something done or initialized in `stage1' or `start.S'
>which is missed anywhere in `stage2' or `diskless'. I have not
>found anything.
>My first idea was the STACK, but it is defined in `asm.S'. The 
>only thing `start.S' passes to `asm.S' is the boot driver, which
>is ignored in `asm.S' in diskless binary.

Which Etherboot driver are you using?  There was a mod made some time ago 
to a couple of the larger Etherboot drivers:

   /* transmit descriptor and buffer */
   static struct txdesc txd __attribute__ ((aligned(4)));
   #define txb ((char *)0x10000 - BUFLEN)
   static unsigned char txb[BUFLEN] __attribute__ ((aligned(4)));

What I am wondering is if txb at 0x10000 is incompatible with something 
that grub is doing.  I think the only drivers that do this are tulip and 
realtek.  I would try defining USE_INTERNAL_BUFFER and see if that might 
change your result.  Just a thought.



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