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via-rhine driver

From: Mario Klebsch
Subject: via-rhine driver
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 21:56:01 +0100


Hi everybody!

Five days ago, I tried grub for the first time. After one hour, I
really was disapointed, but after two hores, I fall in love with grub.

I tried to boot a box using bootb. I observed several problems.

1. I configured grub to support three different network drivers
(via-rhine, 3x90x and PCI based ne2k). The NIC in my test system was a
via-rhine board. I added its PCI vendor- and device ID to the list of
known PCI cards. But after executing the bootp command, my via-rhine
was probed to be a 3c90x. :-( Of course, all paramerters (including the
MAC-address) were wrong. It seems, the probe()-routines are not
checking PCI-vendor&device-IDs.

2. My via-rhine does not work. I had a look on the source an I wonder,
wether via-rhine is under active development. Is anybody is working on
via-rhine.c? It would be a big help, if there is anybody to discuss
internal problems with.

73, Mario
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