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UNDI and PXE [Re: netbooting pxegrub]

From: Mark Buckaway
Subject: UNDI and PXE [Re: netbooting pxegrub]
Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 08:14:55 -0400

What grub needs for remote booting is a UNDI driver that talks to the
ROM on a PXE enabled ethernet card. The idea of having to compile in a
Etherboot driver is silly given UNDI is a standard interface to access
the ethernet card.

I know of one individual working on this driver. Anyone else on the list
happen to be working on an UNDI driver for grub?


Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> According to Thierry Laronde:
> > It seems that the support for the C serie is not achieved. Please look to
> > the source in etherboot (where the drivers come from), in order to see if
> > there has been some new versions about it.
> There isn't.  But I'm going to add that support ... I have to, since
> I'm having to support a motherboard equipped with a 3c905C-equivalent.
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