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GRUB tries to acecss wrong /devfs file

From: Eric Buddington
Subject: GRUB tries to acecss wrong /devfs file
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 11:52:30 -0400
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I am trying to install GRUB on an HP Omnibook using the
'grub' executable on a running system (as opposed to doing this from
GRUB at boot time).

This is what I see:

grub> root=(hd0,0)
 Filesystem type os reiserfs, partition type 0x83

grub> install=/bot/grub/stage1 (hd0) /boot/grub/stage2

Error 22: No such partition

An strace of this sequence indicates that GRUB is failing to
open /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc/part1 (= -1 ENOTDIR).
Sure enough, lun0/disc is the whole-disc device, not a directoty.
'part1' is in the lun0 directory alongside it, of course.

I will see if there's a more recent version of GRUB available. If not,
I'll see if I can get you a patch.


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