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(no subject)

From: Sergey Tzukanov
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 15:10:51 +0400

Hi there.

grub_jfs-0.1 for grub-

This patch provides native IBM JFS filesystem support for GRUB.
This is alpha quality code (but don't be afraid,
it will never write anything to disk; just crash 8-).
Future versions can be obtained from http://tzukanov.narod.ru.


Don't support symlinks yet.
Can't handle data inlined into inode yet (are there such files? I didn't see 
Knows nothing about journal (do we need this?).

IT NEED TESTING. Please help with this.


Symlinks support.
Inline data support for very small files.
Filesystem consistency checks in jfs_mount.
Initial journal support (really?).

Current version is at http://tzukanov.narod.ru/files/grub_jfs-0.1.tar.bz2

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