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Re: Help on PXE & loading M$

From: Goran Koruga
Subject: Re: Help on PXE & loading M$
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 07:31:32 +0200
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I am not familiar with PXE stuff in GRUB because I have never used it.
I recommend you search list archives for possible advices, glitches etc.
Also read info documentation, it provides a lot of useful information.

I can just show you how to use chainloading to boot into NT/Win2000 :

# WinNT
title=Windows NT 

This loads the boot record from first partition on the drive, which
happens to be a partition with NT installed on it (using NTFS). Similar
solution could be used for Win2000 I guess. If not, you can always save
current MBR to a file and chainload that (specify a file instead of a
sector in chainloader command). Also note that the above syntax is for
GRUB 0.5.94, new one doesn't require '=' character anymore if I remember

As far as stability goes: I am using GRUB since 0.4 I think and I have
never ever had stability issues. But once again, I have never needed PXE
booting and that may be another issue.


> Hello,
> I work for the IS department at Columbia University & I am currently
> conducting preliminary research on setting up our machines on campus to
> use PXE for loading a boot image.  I should probably start with what our
> current setup is & then describe what we would like to change.  The
> current setup is as follows:
> We have developed an in-house PROM that we have had burned and installed
> onto 3Com 3c509B 10MB/s ISA network cards.  These cards are installed on
> the computers in our labs.  They disable booting from the floppy drive
> (for security purposes) and then provide a simple text menu with ~5
> options.  The default option is to boot Windows NT (soon to be Windows
> 2000) from the local hard drive.  We also provide options however to load
> images from the server (using TFTP) for such things as ghosting and
> diagnosing the machine.
> Our new machines, however, are coming with 3Com 3c905C 100 MB/s cards that
> we would like to use for the faster network performance.  However, this
> requires an overhaul of our current PROM & we are searching for a better
> solution than having to hack together a working PROM & install chips in
> all of the new machines.  That's why we are looking in to using PXE &
> during my research, GRUB turned up as a possible solution.
> I figured posting my requirements to the developer list & asking for input
> would be the next best step in the process.  If people could provide
> information on how feasible a solution would be using GRUB (or provide
> information about other solutions to consider--I realize GNU GRUB is in
> alpha currently & as an IS department we do need a stable solution,
> although we are willing to contribute some time to help the project if we
> could get a stable solution for our problem from it), it would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Also, what exactly is needed to get GRUB to boot up Windows (NT/2000).  I
> find mention of the need for a chain-loader, but do not find anything more
> specific about where to obtain a chain-loader.
> Thank you for your help and if more information about our setup/needs,
> please feel free to contact me.
> Thank you,
> David Coulthart
> address@hidden


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