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LILO's "emergency" (?)

From: Robert Siemer
Subject: LILO's "emergency" (?)
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 20:44:30 +0200

Hi boys!

Sorry, lost the thread...

But in reallity LILO is passing "emergency" on the kernel command
line (hey, whoever marked it as a LILO feature: look in

The kernel does the one of two things to unknown command line
parameters: setting it in the environment (e.g. THING=no) or passing
it to the first process as an argument (e.g. xyz).
Here the second occurs. And some versions of /sbin/init invoke just a
single user shell.

To do an "emergency" with GRUB, load the kernel this way:

 kernel /buut/wmlienuchs root=/dev/hda1 emergency


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