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Re: feature request or how do I -a "Run Once" command in menu.lst

From: Pixel
Subject: Re: feature request or how do I -a "Run Once" command in menu.lst
Date: 05 Nov 2001 17:13:12 +0100
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address@hidden (Eduardo Ochs) writes:

> Allen Bolderoff wrote:
> > I would like to be able to create a file called run.once in
> > /boot/grub/ and have grub try to run it, and remove it after it tries
> > it. (whether it succeeds or fails it should not run it again)
> What about having Grub just change some bytes of this file, without
> changing its size or other flags (time, etc)? That would be *much*
> easier to implement.

I've tried coding this in grub some times ago. It used to work nicely in grub
0.5.x, but i've not adapted nicely to 0.9.0 afaik. Here is what I use:

you also need this patch: 

you can use rebootin as an usage example:


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