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Re: GRUB shell consistency with Filesystem

From: erich
Subject: Re: GRUB shell consistency with Filesystem
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 13:23:01 -0800

address@hidden wrote:

> In fact, I think both LILO and ReserFS (and arguably Linux in general)
> have gone the wrong way with their blockmap/unpack code/ioctls.
> The Right Way to do this would be to make a program called "mkbootloader"
> or something that will take a filename and do 2 things with it:  produce
> a blockmap in a well-known format, and communicate via a generic ioctl
> (NOT a filesystem-specific one) that it needs to be on hardware block
> boundaries and be in a fixed location.

OK, after thinking about this some more, it seems clear that ReiserFS
should *automatically* "unpack" files which have the Linux blockmap ioctl
made upon them.

Having to do filesystem-specific hacks when the filesystem already has
a clue about what's happening is just broken behavior.

I'm going to talk to the Reiser folks to see about this, probably tonight/
tomorrow sometime.

I think I'll also propose this on the Linux-Kernel email list as
the "defined" behavior of the FIBMAP ioctl, as well.

    Erich Stefan Boleyn     <address@hidden>     http://www.uruk.org/
"Reality is truly stranger than fiction; Probably why fiction is so popular"

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