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grub and memory access

From: Rob White
Subject: grub and memory access
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 10:38:18 -0700
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Sorry to ask such a trivial question, but, can grub limit the ammount of memory accessed by an os that it is booting? The scenerio is that I multiboot redhat 7.2 an two flavors of windows using grub. I have 1 gig of ram. Windows 98 has lots of memory accessing issues if you have more than 512 megs of ram installed. If at all possable I'd like to tell the win 98 boot that there is only 512 megs of ram, but I don't know how or if it's possable to restrict memory access with grub. I'm using 2 512 meg blades in slots 1 and 2.

Thanks, and sorry for the stupid question.

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