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[PATCH] VBE support

From: Alexander Thiel
Subject: [PATCH] VBE support
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 12:37:29 +0100

Hi all,

as the latest version of GRUB did not support VBE graphics as decribed in the 
multiboot specification, but I wanted it for my own toy kernel, I have added 
it myself. I could not find any hint about ongoing work for VBE support in 
the mailing list archive, so I decided to post my patch (against grub-0.90).
It moves some existing code around and adds some new chunks. Here is a 
summary of the changes:

* Made the VBE structures 'controller' and 'mode' from the corresponding
  builtins global and renamed them to a more specific 'vbe_info_block' and 
  'vbe_mode_info', respectively.

* Turned vbe_far_pointer_to_linear into a macro VBE_FAR_PTR

* Moved the check for a compliant BIOS into init_bios_info() in common.c

* Added some code for the video selection to load_image() boot.c. Also, I
  have made the flags in the multiboot header available as a global variable

* Added some code to switch to the selected mode just before calling the

As of yet, there is only the default text mode supported, and the info on the 
protected mode interface is not available. I am also thinking about adding a 
builtin function 'setvbe' to explicitly set the mode passed to the kernel.

Comments anyone?



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