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Grub network booting

From: John Whitfield
Subject: Grub network booting
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 17:43:12 -0500

Dear Associate,

If this is not the correct arena to post a question, please point me to
the correct one.

I am using Grub which I downloaded and compiled this
afternoon.  I specified --enable-diskless and --enable-eepro100 in my
compile.  The diskless computer is a Slim PC MS-6215 with an onboard
8256EM nic.  When I attempt to boot the system I get
Probing...[eEPRO100]BOOTP/DHCP fails.  Do I need another driver or is
there any suggestion what I have that is wrong.

I am also using DHCP rather than BOOTP.  There is an example in the
manual of how to pass the menu using T150 to BOOTP.  How is this
information passed using DHCP.  I must be overlooking something.

Thanks for your help


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