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Re: Re-installing an MBR

From: Shaya Potter
Subject: Re: Re-installing an MBR
Date: 15 Jan 2002 00:37:07 -0500

the way I ended up getting grub and winxp to play nicely was to install
win2k, this takes over the mbr.  I then intstalled linux (debian, doesnt
default to grub), didn't install a bootloader.  booted into linux via
floppy, installed grub to boot record of hda2.  did the dd if=/dev/hda2
of=bootsect.lnx count=1 to get the 512b image.

copied that to a fat partition, in XP copied it to the NTFS partition,
and edited boot.ini appropriatly, and now NTLDR can load grub.

however, I know its possible for grub to boot ntldr, because my laptop
which came with 2k pre installed it works fine.  However, its because of
1 or 2 seperate things.  on the laptop, the 2k partition is fat32 (the
way it came) and it would appear that IBM installed the bootloader not
in the mbr, but in the boot record of hda1.  so grub is able to install
into the mbr w/o a problem.  I haven't figured out (despite lots of
playing with recovery mode and fixmbr/fixboot commands) how to get the
window boot loader to load into the boot record of the partition
win2k/xp is installed on.


On Mon, 2002-01-14 at 14:04, Gerry Singleton wrote:
> > # For installing GRUB into the hard disk
> > title Install GRUB into the hard disk
> > root    (hd0,0)
> > setup   (hd0)
> > This will just (re)install GRUB onto the hard disk. 
> May I suggest that you add a section that expands upon the above quote.
> I encountered problems in the past 24 hours with having a dual boot
> laptop. I ended up reinstalling XP because GRUB very happily fixed the
> MBR to point only at Linux and didn't pickup XP. However, that is not
> the immediate problem. What is the problem is determining whether or not
> I can use the above command set to re-write the MBR so that it uses my
> new grub.conf with the NT/Windoze incantation or must I re-install
> Linux?
> Thanks,
> ger
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