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Re: proposition for more

From: Jani Averbach
Subject: Re: proposition for more
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 10:47:55 +0200 (EET)

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Christoph Plattner wrote:

> The initial idea was to use <ENTER> only to have equal
> handling in dumb terminals and in non-dumb terminals.
> A abort <ESC> is quite a good idea, but may also be
> difficult on dumb terminals (or cannonical one's).

Well, there would be 'q' for quit, 'n' next line and 'space' for a lot
more ie. (In fact q should be quit, by more).

But anyway, I'm not specialist of this kind stuff...

> We should discuss:
> - what options do we really need, GRUB is not an OS to
>   develop C code or similar

Are you sure? =)

> - what we want to have - ok, "less" as a dream - especially
>   jumping back ...
> - what can we do, not having a full blown terminal support
>   with all knowledge of sizes, etc
> - supporting also terminals as dumb and cannonical one's
>   like running a terminal emulation out of emacs.

The initial idea came out of following situation: System won't boot, and I
have grub floppy at hand. But there is very complicated menu.lst with very
long, very complicated lines, and there is some information which is
needed to boot. So you cat menu.lst, and watch how all of it's 42 lines
run through your screen...

IMHO, cat with next page, next line, and quit is enough, at least for
above scenario.

What about h for help?

BR, Jani

P.S. I am on the list

Jani Averbach

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