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Re: FAQ bug

From: Florian Hatat
Subject: Re: FAQ bug
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 21:11:08 +0100
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Le lundi 11 février 2002, address@hidden scripta:
>> GNU GRUB is a very powerful boot loader
> This entire paragraph can be deleted without loss of information.
>> One of the important features in GRUB is flexibility
> This entire paragraph can be deleted without loss of information.

I do not agree with you, since I was really happy with these
paragraphs when I first read the manual.
They're not necessary to learn how to use GRUB, but they can
help users understand what kind of bootloader GRUB aims to be.

>> Thus you can load the kernel just by specifying its file name ...
> This is a good paragraph, but it assumes too much. It talks
> about command-line interface before even mentioning to what
> it interfaces. There is no big picture.

It's only an "Introduction". This little part of the manual
talks about what GRUB can do, and about what will come next.

>> In the following chapters, you will learn
> This entire paragraph can be deleted without loss of information.

No ! It's a good thing in an introduction : tell what will come.

> So, we achieved a reduction: five paragraphs have become two,

I don't think our goal is to make a manual as short as possible.

> After reading the overview, I have not yet learnt what this
> grub shell is that the man page assumes I know about.

Please consider the GRUB Manual, and every manual, as a whole
document. You cannot learn everything in the overview.
Look at what is next in the manual. You can have GRUB running
if you read only a few chapters...

If you want a short manual page, well, I'm sure we would all
be happy that someone writes it. It can be anybody...
If you'd like a small page about GRUB, you can find lots of
tutorials (there is at least a French one... :-) ).

I really like the current manual and I can't see what is wrong
with it.

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