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[PATCH] Romfs support in Grub

From: Tommi Virtanen
Subject: [PATCH] Romfs support in Grub
Date: 28 Feb 2002 14:27:03 +0200
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        Hi. I've been implementing romfs support into grub, and need
        help with regard to automake/autoconf and friends.

        First, about romfs. It's a simple, read-only filesystem,
        included in Linux 2.4. There's a file documenting the on-disk
        layout in the kernel source, you can browse it at
        and the actual implementation is at

        Now, I have a patch that implements the first steps towards
        romfs support in grub. The code is still very raw, and I have
        only tested it with the grub shell tool, not booted from it.
        However, I can't progress any further without some help from

        It seems that I can't create Makefile.in etc from Makefile.am
        succesfully. Rather than drag you down into debugging auto* for
        me, could you apply the patch (fix the Makefile.am part if I
        misunderstood something), regenerate the generated files, and
        send them to me? Thank you.

        Any input as to the functioning of fsys_romfs.c is
        appreciated, the interface is very sketchy and I had to guess
        what global variables to manipulate. I will format the code to
        fit the existing coding style before proper submission.

Attachment: grub-romfs.patch
Description: Romfs support in Grub

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