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NT + XFS, newbie

From: Maurício
Subject: NT + XFS, newbie
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 11:15:24 -0300


    I have a computer with Windows NT in the first primary partition and
Linux using XFS on the second primary partition. I want to install GRUB on
the MBR so I can boot a system (and, in the future, create a menu to choose
which one). I understand that what I need to do is:

1) Create a boot floppy;
2) Transfer GRUB to the MBR, so I can boot without the floppy;
3) Learn how to boot the systems (I think I can figure out how to do that).

    My problem is with 1 and 2:

1) The manual says I need to get stage1 and stage2 and use dd to create the
floppy. Do I need the stage1_5 for XFS? Where should I use it, and where
should I insert it in the floppy?

2) When I do setup (hd0), what is going to be transfered to my disk?


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