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Re: GRUB overwrote Win98 boot sector

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: GRUB overwrote Win98 boot sector
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 13:54:41 -0500

Fox Ntd wrote:
> I have two hard drives: the primary one is 20GB and has Win98. The second
> one has 40GB and has RedHat 7.2 on it. I installed GRUB.. but instead of
> going to the MBR, it went to the boot sector of my Windoze drive. Now I
> can't boot Windoze!! Win98 has no apparent boot sector recovery like NT/XP
> have! I did try fdisk /mbr but that proves it isn't in the MBR.. GRUB still
> exists! Does anyone know how I can restore Win98's normal boot sector so I
> can get to Windoze???

Make sure your Linux boot floppy works first. Install Grub where it
should have been installed in the first place, and be sure to add the
windoze partition to its menu if it didn't show there after
grub-install. Now find your windoze EBD (rescue floppy). If you don't
have one, it can easily be made from any windoze 98 machine's control
panel. Boot the windoze EBD and do 'SYS C:'.
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