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help with "Read Error"?

From: Weber, Aaron
Subject: help with "Read Error"?
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 05:46:25 -0700

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this...

I have RH 7.3 installed on an IBM 36GB SCSI drive (Adaptec controller).  There WAS another SCSI drive in the box that had no Linux partitions on it, and it was flaking-out.  So I removed it and made sure the line was terminated correctly.

Now, when the box boots, the BIOS and SCSI card init correctly.  But I get the following at the end, and then the box hangs...

GRUB Loading Phase2...Read Error

I have tried using a boot disk and "looking" at the partitions on the drive...they seem OK.  I can see the /boot partition with the grub.conf file, etc.  There just seems to be a problem with loading!

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this...my server is down until I can figure out what's wrong!


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