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[Bug #557] Rotating default boot? Possible feature

From: nobody
Subject: [Bug #557] Rotating default boot? Possible feature
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 20:18:19 -0400

=================== BUG #557: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: None                      Project: grub                           
Submitted on: 2002-Jun-06 20:18
Category:  Configuration                Severity:  Major                        
Priority:  None                         Bug Group:  Feature Request             
Resolution:  None                       Assigned to:  None                      
Status:  Open                           Release:                                
Reproducibility:  None                  Planned Release:                        

Summary:  Rotating default boot? Possible feature

Original Submission:  As operating systems are becoming extremely stable these 
days (even in the MS world), the only times I actually reboot my computer are 
to switch to that /other/ operating system.  When I reboot again, it's to get 
back into my nice Linux environment.

While I do have Linux as default, would it ever be possible to have GRUB rotate 
the default boot between 2 or more partitions?  Then, by default, it would boot 
into a different operating system from what you just restarted in.

Is this a feature that other people would like to see?

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