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Re: grub cd

From: Ilguiz Latypov
Subject: Re: grub cd
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 13:51:05 -0400 (EDT)

I never tried using GRUB on a CD-ROM, but here is the boot sector writing 
procedure.  It was adapted from 


The boot.img file must be a 1.44M floppy image to boot.  I heard a size
2.88M is OK as well.  The boot.img file should be located in the disk/
directory among other files to be written.

The GRUB mail list archive has more postings on CD-ROM boot support.

CD-RW disks and multi-session CD-ROM/CD-RW disks may not be handled by
BIOS on all computers.



        modprobe ide-scsi       # SCSI over ATAPI support
        cdrecord -scanbus       # should display CD burner info, note its
                                # device number
        mkisofs -R -J -c boot.cat -b boot.img -o cdimage.raw disk/
        cdrecord -v dev=0,0 speed=4 blank=all       # you might need this
                                                    # to erase CD-RW disk
                                                    # first
        cdrecord -v dev=0,0 speed=4 -multi cdimage.raw
        rm cdimage.raw

        # take the disk from the oven and put it into CD-ROM drive
        mount /mnt/cdrom
        ls -al /mnt/cdrom
        umount /mnt/cdrom

        Add another session (see the HOWTO for more accurate command):
        TRACK=`cdrecord -msinfo`
        mkisofs -R -J -M /dev/scd0 -C $TRACK -o cdimage2.raw disk2/
        cdrecord -v dev=0,0 speed=4 -multi cdimage2.raw


On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Henning, Brian wrote:

> I have created a grub boot floppy for my pc. I would like to make a cd with
> grub in the *boot sector* of the cd. Where can i find info on doing that? 
> thanks,

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