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[grub #33] Kernel panic error

From: lnmachado
Subject: [grub #33] Kernel panic error
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 12:35:05 +0900

Reporter: address@hidden
Summary: Kernel panic error
Version: grub-0.92-7.i386
Type: software bug

I Have a redhat 8.0 system, kernel 2.4.20 ( the kernel that I'm trying to boot).
I compiled my 2.4.20 new kernel and when I try to boot I get this error message:
VFS = Cannot open root device "LABEL=/"
Please append a correct "root=" boot
But my old 2.4.XX kernel is using THE SAME root string...
Is this a bug?

Please send followups to <address@hidden>.

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