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Re: [patch] add setdefault X

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: [patch] add setdefault X
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 10:10:16 +0100
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On Wednesday 12 November 2003 16:03, Robert Millan wrote:
> As for the "run time" issue, what do you mean exactly? The default flag is
> stored in stage2, so i guess it should be ok to store the onceonly one
> there, too.

I think I have said this before, but I don't like modifying installed stage2 
in this way. When I implemented it, I thought it was easy and good. But I was 
wrong. That's because:

* It requires changing the structure of stage2. This might introduce 
incompatibity very easily.
* It is not so easy actually.
* It is somewhat dangerous, because it modifies a critical part of GRUB. If 
there is a bug in that code, your system might become unbootable.

So I'm still thinking of using a separate storage (e.g. as 

> I don't really mind about "showdefault", but my impression is that it's
> useful for debugging.

I see your point.


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