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md5 Uncertainity in GRUB

From: Ashutosh Naik
Subject: md5 Uncertainity in GRUB
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 00:26:34 -0800 (PST)


I am running GNU GRUB ver 0.92 on Red Hat 8.0

When I use the md5crypt command to encrypt a password,
I get different strings everytime.

grub> md5crypt

Password: ********
Encrypted: $1$GDrrA0$w2I13OL9zS4h5bLqX05vY1

grub> md5crypt

Password: ********
Encrypted: $1$VGrrA0$qAsIzN.0w/L1oJzMfJZdY/

The password string in both cases was entered

Its obivious that now, when I insert the following 
line in the grub configuration file, /etc/grub.conf

password --md5 $1$GDrrA0$w2I13OL9zS4h5bLqX05vY1

It wont(and doesnt) work.. As the password I enter
hashes to a different string every time.

Whats the use of entering a md5 hash in the
configuration file anyway then ?
And how do I get over this problem, in case I have
overlooked anything ?

Regards and Thanks


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