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Re: 0.94 will appear soon

From: aeriksson
Subject: Re: 0.94 will appear soon
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 20:15:07 +0100

> I'm making effort on a new version of GRUB. I have applied several 
> Okuji

Good news, indeed!

A couple of questions, as I'm hacking on grub integration into my own
development board....

* Is there a (preliminary) list of changes since 0.93?

* I just stumbled on this code (in 0.93), netboot/timer.c.
unsigned long currticks(void)
        static unsigned long clocks_per_tick;
        unsigned long clocks_high, clocks_low;
        unsigned long currticks;
        if (!clocks_per_tick) {
                clocks_per_tick = calibrate_tsc();
                printf("clocks_per_tick = %d\n", clocks_per_tick);

Shouldn't clock_per_tick be inited to zero? If so, is that fixed in
the new version?

* I've had to knock out a couple of BIOS calls from the asm.S file
and, where needed replace with my own code. Would patches along the
lines of not relying on the BIOS for some stuff, and/or support for
other arches be interesting (for future releases, of course!)?

Thanks for cutting a new release!


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