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Debugging the map bug

From: Ground Zero
Subject: Debugging the map bug
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:48:16 +0200


I've finally decided to try Grub and it seems I've stumbled across a well
known bug. It seems to be bug #486, "map doesn't work in some environments",
and I think the following post from the archive describes it best:

As a short refresher: I have 2 HDD's. The second one has a "typical" Window
setup, with C: as primary and D: as a logical inside an extended partition.
Naturally, I have to use map to fake switching the HDD's around, but this also
causes the logical partition to become unaccessable after (successfully)
booting C:. The MS-DOS fdisk shows D: as type UNKNOWN.

I understand this bug is difficult to fix because it can't be easily
reproduced. Well, I've got it and I'm willing to debug it. Please tell me what
to do and what info you need from me and I'll help.


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