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Re: Grub-0.95-diskless-patch-1 (Etherboot-5.3.8)

From: Gilles van Ruymbeke
Subject: Re: Grub-0.95-diskless-patch-1 (Etherboot-5.3.8)
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 19:00:19 -0700

>> There are also problems in PCI PnP mechanic of diskless patch on some
>> blade servers and IBM R series notebooks. They have buggy PCI BOIS
>> which may lead grub to probe the NIC as a Realtek 8139 :-(. That
>> always drive me crazy for GRUB is not an OS and dose not have such
>> complex PnP support to fix that error ---- it just hang up :-(.

>When you don't compile the rtl8139 driver, what happens? Does it work flawlessly?

==> Yes it does.

> Now I have four types of cards: 3c90x/rtl8139/eepro100/e1000, every
> patch will be tested on each of the four cards before release. I am
> sure that at least these four drivers work in any patch.

==> I can try the Rtl8169 and also e1000/Rtl8139/eepro100/3c90x and VMWare.

What about grub4dos and grub4all ?

Thanks, Gilles

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