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RE: my policy on grub legacy

From: Feng Shuo
Subject: RE: my policy on grub legacy
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 11:57:52 +0800

I can help (by joining the maintainers or just supporting on the ML) if you
(or anyone who can make the decision ---- I don't know) want to merge the
diskless support patch to the official CVS tree at anytime. I can also help
to merge the Chinese character patch if anyone what it :-).

But if the GRUB wants to hold the 'ancient' diskless support drivers
unchanged and consider the patch just as a patch forever. I'll not do any
further develop on the GRUB any more, either, and change to the GRUB2
platform. I have been tired of "patch and patch of patch and patch of patch
of patch" at all :-(.

And if the GRUB2 will also consider the diskless boot just as an unimportant
feature and let the diskless support (not only by me, but also maybe by
other contributors) just as a patch 'hang' on the ML forever ---- like what
now GRUB is doing, I'll give up providing any diskless support for

Feng Shuo

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Fax: (86)10-6265-7255
Mailing: P. O. Box 2704# Beijing
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National Research Centre for High Performance Computer Institute of
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Haidian District,  Beijing, China

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Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2004 3:20 AM
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Subject: my policy on grub legacy

I have considered what I should do to decrease my work on GRUB, so that 
I can get more spare time. Without doing this, I cannot work on GRUB 2 
at all.

My conclusion is that I should do something for GRUB Legacy only if it 
is very critical. So I will follow these rules from now on:

- I don't implement any new feature. If you need it, please implement it 

- I don't even apply any patch for new features from contributors. When 
I agree to integrating your patch, I can give you a CVS access so that 
you can apply your patch by yourself.

- I try to avoid applying any kind of patch as much as possible. This 
should be possible, since there are several people who have CVS write 
permissions in this list.

- I don't reply to any bug report or patch, if it does not follow the 
way of reporting bugs, which is available from both the web and the 
manual. I ignore a patch, for example, if it does have change logs.

- I don't test any patch myself. If you need to apply a patch, you must 
make sure that it works yourself.

- I post a patch to this list when I make a patch for a bug myself. 
Someone must test it and ensure that it works. Otherwise, I don't apply 
the patch.

I'm still looking for a co-maintainer. If you think you can maintain 
GRUB Legacy, let me know. This would help me a lot, since this makes it 
possible for me to work only on GRUB 2.

Also, I'm looking for a web maintainer again, since nobody has updated 
the web pages for several weeks, even though I announced that I needed 
a contributor for the web.


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