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Re: my policy on grub legacy

From: aeriksson2
Subject: Re: my policy on grub legacy
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 08:43:38 +0200

Hi Okuji,

I understand you want to spend more time on GRUB2, and I suppose that
in and of itself is a Good Thing. However, myself and others (by read
others' reactions) are still somewhat/heavily dependent on the
existing GRUB to get by on a daily basis, and I fear many folks would 
be disappointed if it's left to bitrot.

So... Could you give us a brief update on the state of GRUB2? Do you
encourage selected subset of the grub users to switch? Where's it
heading? At what speed? I'm more that ok with dumping grub, iff grub2
turns up to be a viable alternative...

Thanks for your efforts,


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