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Multiboot specification for PowerPC

From: Peter Bruin
Subject: Multiboot specification for PowerPC
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 22:43:02 +0200
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How is the state of things on a multiboot specification for the
PowerPC and other architectures?  I saw there is a file
powerpc/ieee1275/multiboot.h in the GRUB 2 CVS source, but that's just
a copy of the i386 version.  If anybody has thoughts on it, I'd like
to hear them, otherwise I'm interested in trying something myself.  (I
would like to use GRUB 2 with multiboot for the PowerPC port of the
Hurd using L4; I have worked on the Mach version before, but it's
unlikely that that version will be ported to newer PowerPC machines.)


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