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Re: GRUB and ntldr

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: GRUB and ntldr
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 10:18:04 +0100

> Thomas Schweikle wrote:
> > adrian15 schrieb:
> > > title Windows
> > > root (hd0,0)
> > > chainloader (hd0,0)/ntldr
> (No need for hd0,0 since that's root)
> > > boot
> >
> > This doesn't work, since ntldr isn't a supported binary type. > GRUB
> refuses to load it this way.
> But it will happily load a boot sector using block list notation?
> Doesn't sound right.

I think that this may be solved by the use of --force but I think it won't 
work either.

> > > B) Another question. Why are you interested in loading ntldr
> manually?
> Here's another reason why it would be pretty cool.
> It often happens that Windows 2000/XP fails to boot, showing just a
> blank screen.
> I've seen it happen when:
>  - Installing on a large (eg. 50 GB) NTFS volume with lots of data on it
> already.
>  - Moving a disk from one system to another, where the moved-to system
> uses a different LBA<->CHS translation scheme.
> I'm unsure whether it's the volume boot sector or NTLDR that hangs, but
> if Grub could load NTLDR, I guess I'd have an answer to that question
> pretty soon ;-).

Ah. You can also check this link it's a kind of gpl ntldr or perhaps not.
It may answer some of your questions:




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