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Disk controler driver.

From: Rudy Attias
Subject: Disk controler driver.
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 14:58:11 +0200



Hey All,


My name is Rudy and I'm very interested in the grub development, I have a few questions that I guess will be best answered in this mailing group. I'm interested in booting from the network using pxegrub which right now work great for me.I'm using the tg3 driver on IBM bladecenters(I even upgraded the driver to the latest from etherboot), but I have another requirement, when the bootloader boot from the network I would like to choose an OS that reside on fiber channel (could be any lun, not only 0) Do you think it is doable? As I'm new to the project and it will take me some time to learn the code I was wondering if it can be implemented by inserting the drivers needed for the FC card and loading it like I load the network drivers… your input will much appreciated,


Rudy Attias




All development of course will be posted to the main grub development J


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