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RE: Failover and grub.

From: Kjeld Flarup Christensen \(ST/LMD\)
Subject: RE: Failover and grub.
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:45:35 +0100


You can do something like this with grub 0.96 and later. 
The file /boot/grub/default will point out which entry in menu.lst to
There are commands to modify this default file from both menu.lst &
See the example in the Grub manual on how to create a menu.lst which
will try a new entry on each boot.

The only problem which you have is that if your kernel hangs, then it
will hang until the system has been reset. A hardware watchdog could
help you there!


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> Subject: Failover and grub.
> I am trying to build a reliable linux applience which I can 
> do remote upgrades on and have it failover if something goes 
> wrong with the update. My idea is to setup a recovery 
> partition , boot partition, and system partition.  When I 
> need to do an update... simply edit grub to boot from the 
> recovery partition and once there.. update the system 
> partition. Then have it boot the system partition. BUT .. the 
> problem is that if it fails.. for example if it has a bad 
> kernel..once it is rebooted it will boot back into the 
> recovery partition and not the bad partition.  I was thinking 
> having the system do something like write a file on a 
> sucessful boot and if possible have grub check for it .. and 
> if it is there( or missing) then boot into the recovery partition. 
> But I don't think grub can do something like this..
> Anyway.. that is the problem..and I'm not sure of what 
> solution there is.. or how to solve the problem.. do you guys 
> know of a way to do something like this with or even without 
> grub?  Or if not know where I could get info on doing 
> something like this...
> thanks
> Johnathan
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