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Re: [PATCH] Fix savedefault after menu editing

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix savedefault after menu editing
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 01:14:21 -0400


On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 18:52 +0200, adrian15 wrote:
> > I've never heard of it.  It looks like an interesting project.  Although
> > I would prefer if you used grub2.  It's better not to fork the
> > development without serious reasons.
> I mean that it is a fork because it is not official grub legacy however 
> I don't consider as a fork to be continued after the stable release of 
> grub2.

I see.

> You've never heard of it? Wouldn't you have an account on Slashdot and 
> would like to talk about it in your blog or send something to main page?

Actually, I haven't worked with GRUB for a long time simply because it
did almost everything I wanted from a bootloader, and the remaining
stuff was hard (e.g. saving menu.lst and NTFS support).

And when it comes to system recovery, just a bootloader is too little
for me.  Fortunately, there are LiveCD distributions that include many
recovery tools.

So I simply wasn't looking for better bootloaders.  Not that I know
about Super Grub Disk, I searched for GRUB on Freshmeat, and found
another interesting project, grub4dos, which actually supports NTFS and
does some other interesting things.

You could make Super Grub Disk more popular if you include it with a
recovery LiveCD.  It would work better as a part of a larger project
aimed at recovery and system configuration tasks.  Something you would
boot to resize partitions, to install BIOS updates, to backup whole hard

> Reasons why I finally finished "forking" Grub:
> * When there was an error on lsts Grub led me to an error 25 which 
> blocked Grub running. I had to fix it.

I don't know what "lsts" means, but generally bugs should be submitted

> * I wanted to change the title on grub so I make the gtitle command.
> * I needed an stable support of variables so I applied a patch for 
> variables support on grub legacy from Adam L...
> * I needed to have an equivalent command to source command so I hacked 
> grub again and again till I've managed to make the call and back commands.

Well, such changes may be less popular among GRUB developers until GRUB
is modular.

> * My CD tool had to be useful for normal and newbie people so I couldn't 
> wait to grub2 to be everywhere.

Oh, I didn't realize that the one of the goals of Super Grub Disk is to
fix existing GRUB installs.  Then indeed it makes sense to stay with
GRUB Legacy.

> You and all the people who tells me something like it are right.
> But I am lazy and I'm scared about how difficult can be to set up an cvs 
> system.

You don't need a CVS system.  It's too obsolete.  Subversion is much

> P.S.: I tried once to submit the project to Savannah and I will try it 
> in a future. I had some problems with copyrights and licenses not being 
> in every piece of source code. My "checker" was Sebastian Wiesler. I 
> don't know if you know him (I've seen your email is gnu.org ;) )

No, I don't know him.

You may want to use SourceForge.  They support Subversion.

Pavel Roskin

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